Island Mountain Development Group is committed to achieving affordable housing on FBIC for Tribal Members.

Realty Holdings is assisting with creating new residential developments and opportunities to remediate existing home structures.

Fort Belknap Housing Development

IMDG and the Fort Belknap Tribal Lands Department are identifying lands suitable for residential development throughout the Reservation.  This work includes building infrastructure and homesite development planning.

Eagle Valley Estates

The Eagle Valley Estates project is under construction.  The Fort Belknap Housing Authority will build 20 homes.  The project is a 160-acre subdivision on Water Plant Road, one mile from the agency.  The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2026.

Realty Holdings is the project manager for Eagle Valley.  The Fort Belknap Tribal Housing Authority is the project owner.

Additional Residential Development

Potential residential development sites are being explored in the southern and northeast areas of the Reservation.  After land status and land suitability are determined, preliminary design and engineering will begin to build utilities, roads, and homes.



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