Island Mountain Development Group is committed to achieving affordable housing on FBIC for Tribal Members.

To address this need, IMDG is working on two important fronts: First, creating educational and financial pathways to help Tribal Members obtain a home mortgage. Second, assisting with the creation of new residential developments and opportunities to remediate existing home structures.

Fort Belknap Housing Opportunities

IMDG is working with the Tribal Lands Department to identify lands suitable for residential development on the southern, northeastern, and northern sections of Fort Belknap. This work includes building infrastructure and homesite development planning.

In addition, IMDG is using HAZMAT grant funds to inspect three vacant homes in Fort Belknap, and sampling airport runway homes with the goal of identifying the most feasible acquisition and remediation units.

Finally, IMDG has made a commitment to fund a portion of the funding for the Eagle Valley Housing project.

Financial Education and Capacity Building

Efforts to develop affordable housing units on the Fort Belknap Reservation are taking place in concert with IMDG’s work toward financial education and building mortgage lending capacity for Tribal Members.



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