Island Mountain Development Group (IMDG) embraces Corporate Social Responsibility.

IMDG has created jobs for Fort Belknap tribal members and invested in the community through its generous corporate giving.  IMDG’s job creation and corporate giving have improved the lives of tribal members, particularly elders and youth.

IMDG’s Corporate Social Responsibility also aligns with traditional Native American values of generosity, trust, and equality.

IMDG’s Leadership holds the company and its subsidiaries accountable for impacts on staff, stakeholders, the Tribal Council, the tribal community, the greater public, and local environments.

Pledging To Do More

Framework for Corporate Social Responsibilities

This graphic is based on the four-level “pyramid of corporate social responsibilities” model created by Archie Carroll.

Archie B. Carroll, Ph.D., served for 40 years on the faculty of the Terry College of Business, University of Georgia. Dr. Carroll published a four-part definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 1979. In 1991, he expanded the definition and used a pyramid to illustrate the building block character of the four-part framework. Dr. Carroll has published over 100 articles in leading management journals and over 20 books.

IMDG's Job Creation and Economic Contributions to the Fort Belknap Indian Community

IMDG is leading efforts to create self-sustaining business opportunities, workforce training, cultivating a positive business environment and resource development on FBIC.

Economic Contributions 2018 – 2020

  • Jobs created:
  • Disposable income:
  • Added output:
  • People supported:
  • Adults in labor force supported:
  • Local donations + sponsorships
  • Profit Sharing with FBIC
  • 453 +
  • $35.3 million
  • $66.0 million
  • 582 people
  • 340
  • $1.4 million
  • $4.5 million

2021 Economic Impact Report

2021 Annual Report

Economic Contribution Report 2020
2021 Annual Report

Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation Scholarship

The Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation (ANCF) recognizes the importance of investing in future Tribal leaders. The ANCF Scholarship Fund provides $1,500 academic scholarships for Aaniiih and Nakoda students attending college and trade schools on and off the Fort Belknap Reservation.      

For the 2023-2024 academic year, students earned $95,500 in scholarships to pay their college expenses. Ninety-five Aaaniih or Nakoda student tribal members attended:

  • Aaniih Nakoda College,
  • Montana State University,
  • MSU Northern,
  • Colorado State University,
  • The University of Arizona,
  • Western Governor’s University,
  • Stone Child College,
  • Montana Technical University,
  • Liberty University,
  • John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health,
  • Gongaza University,
  • Cankdeska Cikana Community College,
  • Lake Region Community College,
  • Colorado Technical University,
  • Colorado State University,
  • The University of Kansas,
  • Martinsburg College,
  • Rocky Mountain College,
  • Massage Training Institute,
  • Flathead Valley Community College,
  • University of Arizona,
  • Capella University,
  • Opal Beauty College,
  • University of Kentucky,
  • North Idaho College,
  • The Kelly School of Business,
  • Pikes Peak State College,
  • The Ohio State University,
  • University of Washington,
  • Mary Mount College,
  • Salish Kootenai College,
  • Haskell Indian University,
  • The University of North Dakota,
  • Dickenson State,
  • The University of Montana-Western,
  • Purdue University Global,
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha,
  • A.T. Still University.

The Scholarship Application is closed. The next scholarship cycle will be determined at a later date.

Scholarship requirements and application are at

Contact Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation at (406) 550-6878 or for additional scholarship information.

Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation Grants

The Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation (ANCF) provides grants for community-related activities or events that enhance the quality of life for the Aaniiih and Nakoda people.

ANCF is a non-profit organization that follows charitable and educational guidelines set by the ANCF Board of Directors.

Individual or Group Requests

Grants are available to individual Aaniiih or Nakoda enrolled members and tribal organizations, schools, clubs, and groups residing on or near the Fort Belknap Indian Community, including Harlem and Dodson.

Applications are due on the 1st of the month with a 30 to 45-day review.

Eligible Activities

Grants can be used for a variety of community activities.  These activities may include but are not limited to:

Community Gardens

  • Not a personal garden
  • Must be available to the community to use as needed.

Community wellness event (nutrition, physical activity, etc.)

  • Activities for youth health and wellness, such as walks, hikes, youth sports activities, traditional games, etc.

Youth camps/events

  • Culture camps, traditional games, youth powwows, youth let initiatives, Holiday events such as Easter, Halloween, Christmas, etc.

Educational activities

  • Local school clubs and groups
  • Undergraduate student activities and events

Cultural events

  • Youth powwows, youth cultural camps, youth language, etc.

Elder meal support

  • Thanksgiving meal support distribution
  • Christmas meal support distribution

Veteran programming

  • Must provide Military ID with application and all pertinent documentation.

Applicants must show how the funding will support positive community impact.

Ineligible Activities

The following activities will not be funded include, but are not limited to:

Advertising and promotions, including advertising solicited on behalf of another organization.

Fundraisers working on behalf of an organization.

Federally funded programs serving the FBIC (i.e., BIA/IHS/Tribal Program hosted events)

For-profit Businesses

  • Includes enrolled member’s personal businesses on and off-reservation.

Adult Sports Teams/Individual Events Sponsorships

  • Basketball tournaments, Indian Relay, Baseball, MMA fighting, etc.

Family Honoring or Personally Accepted Commitments

  • Powwow Special/honoring, Sundance, Sports honoring, etc.

Donations and grants for individuals’ personal gain potential to EARN money.

  • All Rodeos, including youth, Indian Relays, Events with Payouts, etc.

Individual/family medical emergencies

  • Including medical travel support to appointments, surgeries, medical stays, etc.

All Travel Assistance for adults

  • Including paying for vehicle repairs or upkeep

Capital expenditures (i.e., tractor for individual use, livestock for individual use)

Debt Reduction

  • Will not pay off loans or help with personal debt.

Political purposes

Activities or expenses incurred before the grant date.

Capital campaigns.

Click Individual Application, Organizational Application, and Grant Guidelines to download files.

Send completed applications to or Aaniiih Nakoda Community Foundation (ANCF), 353 Old Hays Road, Hays, MT  59527.

High School Internship Program

Fort Belknap high school and college students are encouraged to apply for the IMDG High School Internship Program. The program develops leadership skills and workforce readiness. The internship teaches students Tribal values of generosity, sustainability, and resilience.

In the summer of 2023, 43 Fort Belknap high school and college students interned at Island Mountain Development companies or non-profit partners.

They worked at Life’s Language Lodge (7), Communications (2), Human Resources (3), Maintenance (2), Little River Trading Post (2), Finance (1), Mail Department. (1), Operations (1), IT (2), Talent and Development. (2), Nakoda Aaniiih Economic Development Corporation (9), Call Center (4), Realty (1), Red Paint Creek Trading Post (5).

More information will be available in Spring 2024.



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